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TBT – BREAKAWAY Team’s First Game Testing in St. Lucia 2009

  By Keeshawn Nicholson December 17, 2009 marks the day the BREAKAWAY team landed in the Caribbean island, St. Lucia, to do their first game testing. The renown free online game for ending violence against women had only one episode at the time, today it has thirteen. This trip marked the beginning of something great, a testing […]

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TBT – IBM Game Tomorrow

By Kyle Patterson A student-team worked with IBM Fellow, John Cohn, to create an interactive multimedia companion piece for an electronic game that IBM developed for Engineering Week 2008. The educational product is delivered in a multimedia of ways that kids relate to and it illuminates what makes up an electronic game and what courses […]

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TBT – EMC America’s Army 2.5 Level Development

By Kyle Patterson Back in 2008 during the Summer and Fall Semesters, The Emergent Media Center at Champlain College participated in a friendly competition between two teams of Champlain students. Two teams of Champlain students were challenged to create a polished, playable mission level under the guidance of AA’s development team. The Mission Editor, a […]

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