Monthly Archives: April 2019

EMC Team Transforms Learning Experience of Healthcare Software

By: Audrey Waggoner ’21 Many people leave campus for the summer, but here at the Emergent Media Center (EMC), we will be as busy as ever! One of our most exciting ongoing projects is a software development project called VisibleEP. VisibleEP is a collaboration with VisibleEP, LLC , a local biotech company specializing in electrophysiology […]

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Human-Centered Design & the EMC

By: Audrey Waggoner ’21 Previously in this blog series, we went over the background information about how human-centered design functions. In this installment, we will be learning how and why the EMC decided to implement human-centered design in our workflow here, and what kind of things we’ve done using the process. The EMC decided to […]

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What is Human-Centered Design?

By: Audrey Waggoner, ’21 Human-centered design is both a methodology and a mindset. As a methodology, it gives people the tools to create innovative and practical solutions to complex problems. As a mindset, it encourages would-be designers to identify with the people they are trying to help and emphasizes the importance of research and collaboration. […]

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