TBT – IBM Game Tomorrow

By Kyle Patterson

A student-team worked with IBM Fellow, John Cohn, to create an interactive multimedia companion piece for an electronic game that IBM developed for Engineering Week 2008. The educational product is delivered in a multimedia of ways that kids relate to and it illuminates what makes up an electronic game and what courses of study and careers are available in game-related fields. Check it out:

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  • Iain Bissett – Writer
  • Mike Fowler – Artist
  • Bryan Hare – Programmer
  • Lauren Nishikawa – Designer
  • Keith Tatarczuk – Artist
  • Tony Libera – Graphic Designer
  • Alison Seffels – Writer
  • O. Rafael Diaz – Interviewee
  • Chris Rolfs – Programmer
  • Kate Baxter – Interviewee
  • Nick Malutama – Interviewee
  • Wesley Knee – Artist


  • IBM—John Cohn, PHD, chief scientist of design automation and IBM Fellow

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