TBT – BREAKAWAY Team’s First Game Testing in St. Lucia 2009


mollie-coons-jaden-sufriesBy Keeshawn Nicholson

December 17, 2009 marks the day the BREAKAWAY team landed in the Caribbean island, St. Lucia, to do their first game testing. The renown free online game for ending violence against women had only one episode at the time, today it has thirteen. This trip marked the beginning of something great, a testing that gave the team the information they needed to create the most effective game features for future episodes. The children in Saint Lucia enjoyed the game and deemed it a success with there desires to constantly play and own it for themselves. Though boys were the main target for the game, girls were not excluded and could play along which encouraged an inclusive community for all. There was happiness, excitement and rich culture in a place stricken by poverty which served as a strong motive for the team, to create a game that exemplifies the greatness in small change. Small changes, make a big impact and BREAKAWAY solidifies this motto with it’s potential to influence good amongst the youngest of generations. The Emergent Media Center admires BREAKAWAY’s ongoing mission for positive global change.


Here’s a throwback to statistics from the BREAKWAY website in 2011:
Top ten visitors out of 161 countries
  1. 01DeMarle-Poverty-in-Paradise22United States
  2. Pakistan
  3. Canada
  4. Indonesia
  5. India
  6. United Kingdom
  7. Australia
  8. South Africa
  9. Malaysia
  10. France
Top eleven frequent players out of 121 countries
  1. United States
  2. United Kingdom
  3. Canada
  4. Albania
  5. France
  6. Algeria
  7. Brazil
  8. American Samoa
  9. Japan
  10. Australia
  11. India

01_DeMarle-Poverty-in-Paradise41*Stay posted to see the BREAKAWAY team’s upcoming blog about their recent game testing in El Salvador.