Innovation Iteration: A Success

By: Alexis Dunn ’19

On March 21st, the Emergent Media Center (EMC) presented our first ever “works in progress” showcase, entitled: Innovation Iteration.  The Champlain College Art Gallery hosted the week-long exhibition in the lounge space and we are so grateful for their involvement!

During the opening, attendees explored the space learning about the different projects and interacting with each of the games.  Graphics, descriptions, and prototype examples adorned the walls and covered the tables. The ConVERBance table featured a suggestion box asking for feedback on this brand new game. ConVERBance is in its early development stages and was created to explore how preconceived gender notions can be initiated by game interface and language choice. Whether these choices are intentional or unintentional, this game explores how these choices promote stereotypes and create certain ideas about gender.


The newest stage of BREAKAWAY was presented on a tablet to showcase its new features and mobility.  The olfactory virtual reality experience, Eden, attracted a lot of attention due to the immersive environment and direct involvement of smells in its narrative.  The overall crowd favorite, however, appeared to be SpaceBox.  Guests of all ages enjoyed the imaginative experience and taking on the challenge of traversing the virtual asteroid fields.

The goal of Innovation Iteration was not to only showcase the projects – but the dedicated students and team members who worked to create these engaging games and experiences.  The iterative processes displayed with each game detailed the conscious thoughts and goals for each project and revealed the dedication that each of the creators has for these global issues and desire for worldwide change.

Thank you to everyone who attended the opening event!  Your support means a lot to all of us and we were so grateful for the chance to show you what we do here at the EMC.