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Innovation Iteration: A Success

By: Alexis Dunn ’19 On March 21st, the Emergent Media Center (EMC) presented our first ever “works in progress” showcase, entitled: Innovation Iteration.  The Champlain College Art Gallery hosted the week-long exhibition in the lounge space and we are so grateful for their involvement! During the opening, attendees explored the space learning about the different projects […]

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Innovation Iteration: An EMC Exhibit

By: Alexis Dunn ’19 Starting March 19th, the EMC will be hosting a week-long interactive exhibit which will focus on two of the EMC’s core values: innovation and iteration. The exhibit will take place in the CCM Gallery Lounge on the Champlain College campus. We will be showcasing a wide range projects: both past and […]

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Freshtracks Recognizes Champlain College as Reason for Vermont’s Growing Innovation

By Keeshawn Nicholson You may have heard Vermont described once before as a place where there are more cows than people, or as a state that has a lot of great maple syrup. However, it is also a place where innovation is rapidly growing in a world where entrepreneurism is becoming more and more popular. Many of the socially responsible and profoundly successful companies that power today’s economy, such […]

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