EMC Gaming Event

By Gabe Carey

It’s hard to believe how quickly Thanksgiving Break is approaching us. Just last week we were gaming away at the first-ever EMC Gaming Event, celebrating the recently released Halo: The Master Chief Collection and promoting our social justice-centric game projects to an assortment of new faces. There was pizza to be eaten, fun to be had, and most importantly, moments to be shared.

Ignoring a few unforeseen technical issues, the event was an immense success! There wasn’t a single moment in which I remember all four Xbox One controllers not being occupied. The PlayStation TV was consistently being used for Nidhogg tournaments, and it wasn’t until the night concluded that attendees began to realize they were playing on a microconsole smaller than a deck of cards.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection, immersing players since 2001.

What we intended to demonstrate is that the Emergent Media Center is a showcase of technology in all regards. It’s a setting for makers to make and for consumers to learn to enjoy and appreciate even the most unconventional forms of art. We wanted to promote the atmosphere — raising awareness for a space that creators can utilize in order to ensure successful results from their projects. And speaking as a project administrator, the results of the EMC Gaming Event project were successful in this space, as many of our attendees fit the target description.

2PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale (totally not a Smash Bros. knock-off)

The variety of games we offered was especially pleasing to our guests, considering we had Mario Kart 8 on Wii U and Nidhogg on PlayStation TV in addition to Halo. In the future, we may even consider adding more variety.

What games or consoles would you like to see at a future EMC Gaming Event?
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