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The Making of pixelCloud

by Giuseppe Liquori Burlington, VT- If you attended the 2015 Art Hop or have visited the new Center for Communication and Creative Media building recently, you may have seen pixelCloud showing off overhead. pixelCloud is the brainchild of Ken Howell, according to Terry Sehr, an MFA student who worked extensively on the project. “Ken wanted […]

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The EMC at E3

written by Giuseppe Liquori For gamers worldwide, the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), is the first Christmas of the year. Held this year from June 16th-18th, it’s rivaled only by Germany’s Gamescom in scale. Despite the conference being held across the country in Los Angeles, the EMC still could be found at E3. Unfortunately, we […]

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EMC Cross-Team Critique Recap

by Giuseppe Liquori Burlington, VT- This past week, numerous game developers and publishers proudly showed off their work to the public at the Electronic Entertainment Expo, also known as E3, each game and project at it’s own point in development. The EMC had its own day to show off its projects, albeit not to the […]

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