First Cross-Team Critique of Spring 2019

By: Audrey Waggoner ’21

In late February, the EMC held its first Cross-Team Critique of the new year. The Cross-Team Critique is a time when the teams at the EMC converge, share their projects, and discuss their successes, struggles, and next steps with the group. Once everyone gets caught up, the forum is open for feedback so the teams can receive critique and encouragement. This process accomplishes two goals at once: it keeps everyone at the EMC up-to-date on the many projects going on, and also provides each group with a chance to receive some useful insights and critiques on their work.

During the critique, we heard from members of the video team, who are currently working on filming and producing creative and engaging interview segments with student staff members and interns. These videos will be used to promote the EMC and give the public insight into our current projects, as well as the student experience and the benefits they receive from working in the EMC. These videos will be appearing on various outlets soon— keep an eye out for them by following us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube.

Next, we heard from the Design Challenge team members, who are working with the Heritage Winooski Mill Museum to update and streamline the space by prioritizing storytelling and engagement. They walked us through the various obstacles they’re juggling— limited space, temporary exhibits, and a small budget— and showed some exciting prototypes for new ways to display information and organize the space.

We also had a chance to hear from the two Sandbox teams. The first team, Team Oasis, is working with alternative controllers and kinetic sand to create a simulated oasis environment that people will be able to play with and change, using their hands to create lakes, hills, and windstorms. The next team, Team Envirobox, is in the process of creating a single-player game that uses multiple worlds and resource-gathering mechanics to show the potential effects of climate change on our lives and planet. They received feedback from the group about the possibility of using their game to create empathy between its players.

Our next Cross-Team Critique is coming up on Friday, March 29. If you’re interested in attending and learning more about the EMC, contact us here or on social media. We value outside perspectives and different mindsets, and would love to hear your ideas!