Bringing gamers and game developers together: A game festival in Vermont

Local Game Developer Organizes Games Festival in Vermont


Essex, VT – Vermont is having a game festival! The Champlain Games Festival is a single day event featuring locally made digital and tabletop games. The event is family friendly and will take place at the Champlain Valley Exposition, Essex Junction, Vermont on April 14th 2018. It is a chance for gamers and game developers to connect and play fun games.

“If you enjoy playing games, this is the event for you,” said Curtis Aube, organizer of the event and owner of Ketos Games. “You can support your local game development community and have a lot of fun doing it.”

The event is also intended to help local developers. “Game developers need to see players playing their games. It helps work out playability issues and see how players approach the obstacles within their game,” said Aube. “So while there won’t be any technical presentations on game creation, there will be a lot of good old fashioned game playing going on. This helps the game developers and is a lot of fun for gamers. It’s a win-win.”

The Champlain Games Festival has a large lineup of exciting games and submissions. “We’ve got classic style arcade games, educational games, co-op board games, just to name a few,” said Curtis Aube. “We have over 30 games signed up to exhibit at this event and over 40 exhibits overall.”

To ensure this event is family friendly, all games will have a rating posted at each table. “One issue with indie games is that many are not rated, so it can be difficult to know if the content will be appropriate for your child,” said Aube. “Developers are being asked to self rate their game using the ESRBs rating descriptions that parents are use to seeing on traditional games. This way, we are able to post ratings at each table so parents can decide if they’d like to play that game with their child.”

Aube expects that the Champlain Games Festival will become an annual event and a family favorite.


About Ketos Games: Ketos Games is a family oriented, video game development studio based in Vermont. The company was established in 2014 by Curtis Aube. In 2015 they released Marble Muse, a game about navigating a marble through a 3D obstacle course by rotating the course itself. Since the release of Marble Muse, Ketos Games has been working with Wooplah on Pollywog Pond, an educational video game portal for preschoolers. Curtis Aube is a software developer that has been making video games for over 17 years.