Why Getting a Job at the EMC is Best for College Students

by Michael Goldman and Keeshawn Nicholson

If you’re a college student, you understand the value of a dollar, and you’ve began to personally experience the old adage ‘money doesn’t grow on trees’. The cost of books, tuition, and hanging out with friends on the weekend adds up and getting a job becomes the ideal solution to making yourself some extra money. In addition, getting a job is an exceptional way to acquire apt experience that is relevant to your major.

But where can you work to get paid and gain experience in your field of study as a student?


Champlain College’s Emergent Media Center (EMC) is a center of excellence that employs undergraduate students based on their interests and strengths. The many jobs available at the EMC fall under a broad range of categories for a variety of majors. Whether your interests lie in; graphic design or game design, copywriting or  communications, public relations or programming, there is always something interesting that you can pursue. These opportunities make for several notable benefits that set the EMC apart from other places of work.

Essentially, the goal for you here is to get real-world experience in your desired field. With that comes the benefits of actual experience, a whirlwind of networking opportunities and the chance for a stellar recommendation at the end of your last year of work. In addition, collaboration at the EMC focuses on practical issues with real clients where your ability will be tested in order to produce professional-grade content. A job here provides a chance for you to gain valuable skills that will prove essential once you graduate.

You’ll work with cutting edge technologies to produce new and exciting content that tackles a variety of issues, ranging from climate change to violence against women. We are committed to creating methods of informing people about pertinent issues in the world in fun and engaging ways.

The team you will be collaborating with consists of people from diverse backgrounds who come together to work on large projects. You will engage in a constant learning environment by simply working along with your peers and members of the staff and observing how certain tasks are done.

As an added bonus, you get paid! You can work at the EMC starting as a freshman and continue until you finish your senior year. You will gain experience and skill, all while being paid. Not only is this experience a great addition to your resume, but you could also get a great recommendation that will help you in securing a job for your future career.

We are hiring for this summer, check out the open positions here.

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