Student Spotlight: Giuseppe Liquori

By Keeshawn Nicholson

Get to know the students that are the driving force of the Emergent Media Center! Student Spotlight features current students, highlights and what they’re doing here, and some fun facts about them.

Meet Giuseppe Liquori. Giuseppe is a second year Public Relations undergraduate student and Peer Advisor on campus. He is from Springfield, Massachusetts.

KN: What is your position at the Emergent Media Center?

GL: I am a Marketing Assistant on the Emergent Media Center Marketing Team.

KN: What tasks do you perform daily?

GL: I manage the Emergent Media social media, including twitter Facebook and Instagram. I decorate the center for special events and I am currently planning a social media contest as well as a gaming event.

KN: What are your most memorable projects?

GL: I haven’t really done anything major here yet… I think. I usually just help out with the larger events by setting up and supporting in any way that I can. Like Tech Jam, I helped man the booth and answer questions. However, I am really looking forward to getting my social media contest up and running.

KN: What are your favorite things about the Emergent Media Center?

GL: One of my favorite things are the brainstorming sessions we have here. Bringing together intelligent people to come up with ideas for different projects. I enjoy those a lot. And the people here are really cool and approachable it’s a very fun place to work. A lot better than jobs I have had in the past.

KN: What are you excited about at the Emergent Media Center?

GL: I am really excited about the Maker Lab and getting it recognized on campus. The word is slowly starting to spread around and a lot of my advisees have asked me about it. Just seeing the transition from grand opening to now, where people know about it and are trying to see how they can use it, makes me feel like I did a good job with marketing. Otherwise, I am just excited about the creativity that goes on here.

KN: If you had to describe your working experience at the Emergent Media Center in one word, what would it be?

GL: Enjoyable!