Guests Enjoy Emergent Media Center Double feature as a Halloween Kick-off

By Keeshawn Nicholson

STOP!!! I smell children… On the 29th of October the Emergent Media Center cast a spell on everyone who entered their doors with a double feature of Hocus Pocus and The night of the living dead. The event started at 5:00 pm with Hocus Pocus, a movie enjoyed by everyone, followed by the night of the living dead at 7, for the older crowd. Not only was there a spooktastic double feature, but there was a photo booth, costumes and lots of free food! Open to all who attended, the photo/dress up booth added a great flare to the event and all other aspects came together to create an event enjoyable by everyone who attended Students and staff brought along their friends and family. Children utilized the photobooth, and colored with crayons as they watched hocus pocus and basked in candy heaven. All the while, Jack O’Lanterns lit the space and made it hard to ignore the many smiling faces.

4Leonardo’s pizza did a great job catering the event. Everyone enjoyed a free slice or two.

2 Also at the event were all the sweets you could eat! Lots and lots of candy, caramel apples and cider.


From youngest to oldest, it was a great time for everybody.