5 Ways To Cultivate An Emergent Mindset by Christina Rosalie (MFA ’12)

This is a snippet from Christina Rosalie’s post on medium.com titled “5 Ways to Cultivate An Emergent Mindset: How to adapt and thrive as a creative in the digital world”. Christina is a 2012 graduate of the MFA in Emergent Media program.

As creatives we all want the same things: To be known. To make an impact. To connect with people who care about and support our work. Succeeding in this has always required imagination, curiosity, discipline and grit.

But as contemporary creatives we’re faced with a further challenge: To create, share, and promote our work in a rapidly evolving digital landscape. To succeed in this we must cultivate an entirely new mindset.


Because the context for our work now spans two worlds: A physical one, where time and place and sensory details create one kind of context for meaning and work; and a digital one, where connection, communication, and innovation happens in the digital now: Where the past is flat— archived and searchable—and everything is happening and available this minute, anywhere.

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ChristinaRosalie100x133Christina Rosalie: Writer, digital brand strategist, creative catalyst. Author of A FIELD GUIDE TO NOW: Notes On Mindfulness & Life In The Present Tense. Find more at http://www.christinarosalie.com/
(photo credit: Christina Rosalie)