Championing BREAKAWAY in El Salvador

This snippet is re-posted from the EMC’s “Games Take on Violence Against Women” blog, chronicling the milestones and international journeys of the BREAKAWAY electronic game project. Read the full post here.

We are breathing fresh air into this blog these next two weeks. It has been quiet not because important work spreading BREAKAWAY wasn’t being done, but that our resources have been going towards building out the BREAKAWAY Toolkit. We’ve built out the game, created a Facilitators’ guide book, created a youth camp model, and conducted our first camps in Hebron, Palestine. At those camps, we saw the power of BREAKAWAY. As one participant, 12 year old Haroun, observed

“I told my friends about how great this game is and I shared with them that violence against women is negative and how to make right decisions”.

So once again Champlain College’s Emergent Media Center is on the road. This time to Sonsonate, El Salvador where we are in the second day of conducting 3 days of Facilitators’ training after which we will conduct two 6-day youth camps.

You may wonder “how did we get here?”…

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