Setting the Scene: What is Emergent Media?

What-is-Emergent-Media2It seemed fitting over here on our new blog to get straight to the heart of what we do. Emergent media. What is it? Where is it? Who does it impact? What does it “look” like? Where is it going?

This video was produced in late 2011 by three MFA in Emergent Media students in their first semester in the program. Ross Gracia, Alex Daly, and Jessica Lynch have since successfully graduated from the program, but their short film still wonderfully encapsulates the question, “What is Emergent Media?”.

Evolving. Invented and reinvented. Impact. Interplay. Communication. Technology. Dynamic. All of those things. There’s no boxed-in definition of emergent media. That’s the beauty of it, really. The collision of art, media, and technology has never been more exciting or moving more quickly than it is now.

“If you’re not paying attention to emergence…if you’re not trying to figure it out – you are basically checking out of the most dynamic time in human history.” – Dr. Jeff Rutenbeck. We agree.

Anything you’d like to add? What do you think emergent media is? What’s next?